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Sleep Tests

Do I need a sleep test?

Yes, for most patients who have snoring and are having un-refreshed sleep should have a sleep test done.

Do I need to stay hospital stay?

No. There are newer home based monitoring options that are just as accurate and reliable as the hospital overnight sleep test. The home based devices are also better, as the patient sleeps at home, in his natural regular environment; hence, the sleep is more physiological and would yield a more accurate result.

The current Watch PAT device has been shown to be effective and up to 93% accurate and reliable compared to the overnight full polysomnogram.

OLD Sleep Test
Photo of an overnight sleep test, done in hospital or at home (difficult to sleep with all the wires). May not be physiological, and test might not be accurate or reflective of a normal night sleep.
NEW Sleep Test
The Watch PAT device worn on the hand. Comfortable for the patient, sleep better and might be more reflective of a normal night's rest.
screening for obstructive sleep apnea
comparison of polysomnography and the sleepstrip in the diagnosis of OSA
comparison of polysomnography and the watchpat in the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea
Article Written by Dr Kenny Pang on the WatchPAT in Sleep Apnea,
Published in the Prestigious American Journal of ENT 2007,
it was found to be very accurate and reliable.
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